Selecting the Optimal EASY-CHANGE® Gullet

Select the optimal tree width for your horse’s current shape and muscling with the EASY-CHANGE® Gullet Gauge.

Mark a reference point on your horse with chalk

Ensure your horse is standing square and is on level ground. In order use the EASY-CHANGE® Gullet Gauge it needs to be positioned where the tree points will be within your saddle. Once you have the saddle in position make a marking under the spot where the saddle nails are located on each side of your horse. To check that your saddle is positioned correctly, check that your chalk markings are approximately three fingers distance from the edge of your horse’s shoulder.

Make sure the Gauge is vertical

Place the EASY-CHANGE® Gullet Gauge vertically over your horse’s wither. Align the Gauge with the reference point you previously noted.

Check the Gauge is evenly in contact with the horse

Ensure the gauge over your horse’s wither where the chalk markings are and check to see that the marked bearing area is lying evenly in contact with your horse on BOTH sides. The centre of the gauge should be well clear of your horse’s wither.

The colour on the Gauge indicates the correct size gullet

The gauge will now indicate the correct coloured gullet for your horse.

Repeat the procedure with the gauge every three to six months to ensure your saddle stays comfortable for your horse with changes to its shape and muscling with maturity and fitness level.